BCA (Building code Australia) Privacy for residential properties

The Building Regulations 2018 – Regulation 84 stipulates stringent guidelines to prevent overlooking and safeguard the privacy of neighboring properties. To adhere to these regulations, it is imperative to employ effective measures that obstruct direct lines of sight into habitable room windows or secluded private open spaces. At Mr. Frosting, our specialized window frosting solutions serve as an optimal choice to meet these building codes. By incorporating our high-quality frosted films, which offer various degrees of opacity and stylish designs, we ensure that your windows achieve the required levels of privacy. Our frosted films effectively obscure vision from outside the building, creating an elegant yet functional solution to comply with the outlined regulations. It is essential to note that compliance with these and similar codes may vary depending on your region and local council. Our expert team at Mr. Frosting remains dedicated to providing tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed these regulatory requirements, ensuring your peace of mind and privacy.

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